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I am Piper Quinn.

I am a twenty year old escort based in Sydney, Australia.

Although fairly young, many who've met me would comment on how my wisdom exceeds my years. I have overcome a lot of adversity in my lifetime which has shaped me into the woman I am today - someone I am incredibly proud of.

I am a strong believer that honesty and transparency are crucial to creating intimacy between people, lovers or otherwise. I am passionate, bold and quick witted. I have an alluring and approachable demeanour, and enjoy low-brow banter as much as I thrive in deep and complex conversation. If it's authenticity you're seeking: I am one to wear my heart on my sleeve and am a rare, honest soul. So know that every interaction you have with me is always pure, unadulterated me. I understand how frightening it can be to make yourself vulnerable which is why I pride myself on my ability to make you feel at ease in my company. I see people of all ages, genders, religions, races and physical abilities - I am captivated and fascinated by the human condition and find beauty in everyone.

I come from humble beginnings, calling the small island of Tasmania home. Through my upbringing, I learnt how important it is to find joy in every day activities whether it be a home cooked meal, a good book, a gorgeous sunset or partaking in the carnal pleasures of the flesh.


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Physically speaking, I straddle the fine line between alternative and classic beauty. I stand at just over 5'7 tall, with a naturally small bust that is perfectly moulded to the shape of your hands. My small size ten waist will guide you to my full and sensual hips. My thighs and plump ass provide a generous helping to satisfy even the most insatiable erotic appetite. 
My body is decorated with intricate art work which you can admire once we are in the sheets together. I have classic shoulder length, black hair which compliments my light complexion, piercing blue eyes and my shapely lips which are regularly adorned with red lipstick

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