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1. What etiquette rules do I need to be aware of before we meet?

The more information you include about yourself as well as what kind of experience you're after is hugely appreciated - Not only does it help speed the booking process along but it makes me feel more comfortable in meeting you.
Please provide at least one piece of verification, either a clear photo of your ID or a reference from another service provider. I take your discretion very seriously and be assured any identifying information is for my eyes only.

2. When and how do I pay you?

If you are making a booking in advance (Which I hope you are!) I will require a deposit of $100, This can be done via bank transfer or discreet online gift cards.
If you are wanting to see me for an overnight booking, a 25% deposit is to be cleared in my account 48 hours prior. 
When we meet, please have the remaining amount in cash ready for me. I will discreetly check the amount and confirm which services you want. 

3. What is your reschedule/cancellation/refund policy?

For in-calls – at least 12 hours notice will result in a complete refund.
For Overnight bookings - at least 48 hours notice will result in a complete refund.

If you have an emergency that requires you to reschedule with less notice, special consideration can be made.

Please note, cancellations made because you did not read my list of Services, and which cause me financial loss and waste my time, will not be refunded. I make it a priority to find out your deal-breakers, and to confirm that you have read my Services page, prior to receiving your deposit.

4. Do you provide bbbj/cim/cimws? are you clean?

I am in a committed, monogamous relationship so my health and safety as well as yours is my top priority.
I perform a sexual health check on all clients, regardless of the service offered, at the beginning of each booking & before any payment is made.

I will be incredibly respectful as I check over your mouth, I will then ask you to pull down your pants so I can take a close but painless look! This process takes less than 5 minutes and if there is any issue I am concerned about I will always let you know politely & we will cancel our booking amicably.

I also carry copies of my most recent (within 3 months) sexual health checks on my phone or laptop which you can view with me to your satisfaction upon our meeting. If you have any concerns or wish to be extra careful, you are welcome to glove up & “inspect” me gently to your satisfaction too!

5. Do you offer photography/filming

I do! however, this service is only available for clients who I have seen previously and who have earned my trust. 

6. do you do anal?

I do not.
I enjoy some elements of play however I prefer to leave anal play for second or third bookings so we understand one another's bodies better. 

7, What kind of condoms/lube do you use?

I have a variety of sizes in both latex & latex free varieties. If you have a preference for brand, please let me know and I will get these for our meeting. 


This year I do plan on touring! However, where I will tour will depend on demand so don't be afraid to show interest in me visiting your city! All tour bookings will need to be pre-booked with a deposit to lock in your appointment.